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Just Add H2O Inc. has a variety of purchasing options to fit your budget.

Purchasing dive equipment from Just Add H2O Inc. couldn’t be easier. You can buy with confidence that we provide safe and trustworthy equipment. To ensure your success and maintain our high standards, we have designed our program around very specific quality and function issues regarding diving equipment.

Please consult with us on your equipment considerations and selections. Be assured of correct fit and comfort at an economical price. We cannot guarantee your fun and enjoyment if you do not choose equipment that meets “Dive Safe” standards.

The Performance Guarantee

  • We guarantee the fit, function and comfort of every item you purchase.
  • If a product is uncomfortable, does not fit or function properly, we simply take it back and replace it with a more appropriate product.
  • Exchanges must be in resalable condition, properly cared for, and used only as directed by your instructors.
  • For obvious reasons, this guarantee does not apply to snorkels, mouthpieces, and hygienically sensitive nature which cannot be reused.

Complete Diving Package Assurance

  • Purchase a Complete Diving Package before the third pool session.
  • Train with your Complete Diving Package in all your pool sessions. Use your equipment as directed by your instructors.
  • Properly care for and maintain your Complete Diving Package.
  • Use your Complete Diving Package for your open water dives.
  • Before your final open water dive (your “certification” dive), you may choose not to complete your certification and return your Complete Diving Package to Just Add H2O Inc. for a refund. Your personal equipment is yours to keep. For the new equipment you had the benefit of using during your training, you will be charged:
  • $75.00 Rental Fee
  • 10% of your Complete Diving Package purchase price
  • any additional parts and labor we find are necessary to service damaged equipment and return it to safe and operable condition


Just Add H2O Inc. is your full service gear rental shop. Whether you’re heading out to a local dive site or for a week long vacation in the tropics, JR can outfit you for your trip.

Below is a list of the prices per day and week or rental.


Equipment Price per day Price per week
Mask / Fins / Snorkel $8 each $25.00 each
BCD $10.00 $60.00
Regulator / Octo / Guages $12.00 $72.00
Cylinder Full $12.00 $60.00 (+ 1 Fill)
Weight Belt $5.00 $25.00
Wetsuit $16.00 $70.00
Full Set of Gear $50.00 $300.00
Camera $20.00 $80.00
Camera with Strobe $35.00


Did You Know? DiveAssure has now formed a relationship with Duke.  There are some new membership benefits:

Services and Benefits to DiveAssure members:
Through its collaboration with Duke Dive Medicine, DiveAssure now offers its members enhanced services and benefits:

  • Emergency Inquiries—DiveAssure members and partners can now call Duke Dive Medicine any time of day or night with diving-related emergency inquiries
  • The DDM Package—A package that expands the services provided by DiveAssure programs with additional medical consultation and oversight. Click here for more information on the DDM Package
  • Claims and Emergencies Consultation – Duke Dive Medicine will be available to DiveAssure’s emergency and claims service providers for consultation and advice on all medical aspects of diving accidents
  • Non-Emergency Hotline – All members can call DiveAssure during business hours with inquiries related to diving safety. Questions will be answered by staff from DiveAssure and Duke.


Fact: All manufacturers recommend that their equipment is serviced annually to keep up the warranty!

At Just Add H2O Inc. we can service most manufacturers. If you are unsure your equipment can be serviced by us please give the shop a call and ask. You never know – we might be able to help you.

Servicing Rates:



Equipment Price More Information
Regulator $65.00 and up. Complete annual service. Parts are not included.
BCD’s $20.00 Complete annual service. Parts are not included.
Tank Visual $20.00 Visual eddy testing including air. Parts are not included.
Drysuit wrist seals ——– Call for price. Parts are not included.
Tank Hydro $65.00 hydro, Visual and fill included. Parts are not included.